Marketing clarity for companies stuck in campaign ambiguity

We specialize in developing principle-based marketing campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes

Principle-based marketing

Marketing continues to become more difficult and less effective due to its traditional, manipulative position. If we start to think of a company as a person and position them to connect with its consumer like two people would connect, you increase your probability of effective marketing. 

Our Services

The Campaign Evaluation (adjustments to principles) 

Have you ever run a marketing campaign that you felt should do well but for one reason or another fell flat? Marketing Campaign Evaluation is a consulting service that reviews your current marketing campaign(s) and suggests adjustments to align your campaign with marketing principles. 

The Integrated CMO (for the start up)

One of the main reasons a start up fails is because they could not get their idea/product sold. Kedrec partners with start ups and assums the CMO role in the development and growth of the new company. Kedrec specializes in start ups that want to cash flow and run lean in an effort to avoid angle investors and VCs, if possible.  

Kedrec University For The Restless Entrepreneur  (Comming Soon)

Are you a restless entrepreneur that has an idea but lacks the ability to bring it to fruition? The Kedrec University For The Restless Entrepreneur is built for those who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build their own company. Courses focus on various essential topics in a “do it as you go” format.